Wordpress Plugin: Wordpress vCard

April 19th, 2007


With this Wordpress plugin, you can add your vCard details via the Wordpress administration area and then display a link to your vCard via a vCard icon.


If you are running Wordpress, then you will most likely be able to run this plugin.


Download the zip file under the download section below and unzip its contents. Place the ‘vcard’ folder under ‘wp-content/plugins/’ and place the ‘wp-vcard’ folder under the root directory. Activate the plugin. There are two ways you can display the vCard icon on your page. If your Wordpress theme is widget-enabled, you can manage it under ‘Presentation->Sidebar Widgets’. Otherwise, you will have to manually place the following line of code in your theme: “<?php displayvCardLink(); ?>”.

If you would like some help, drop me an email: simon.dalfonso (at) gmail (dom) (com)


Go to ‘Options->vCard Details’ to enter your details.



Please do add any comments you have, including suggestions, feature requests and bug reports.

12 Responses to “Wordpress Plugin: Wordpress vCard”

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  4. Businesstan.Com Says:

    On your site I press an icon vCard and there the file wp-vcard.php is downloaded… But is necessary the file *.vcf ?

  5. admin Says:

    the file extension .vcf is not neccessary; this is because in the .php file on line 7 I state “Content-type: text/x-vcard”

    if your computer has a program capable of reading vCards, then you should be prompted to open it with that program

  6. Businesstan.Com Says:

    I use Mozilla FireFox. And this program save on a disk a file *.php

  7. admin Says:

    ok, it seems you don’t have a program which is automatically associated with .vcf files. what you can do is to just right-click and ’save link as’, then save it as a .vcf file; for example, ‘wp-vcard.vcf’

  8. Scott Frangos Says:

    Hi - Is this plugin updated for WP 2.5?
    - Scott

  9. admin Says:

    My blog is running WP 2.5 and it seems to be working.

  10. mo Says:

    hi, i’m on WP2.5 and i get this error message on the vCard Details:
    Warning: file(/wp-content/plugins/vcard/vcard.xml): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/vcard/vcard.php on line 104

    Warning: implode(): Argument to implode must be an array. in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/vcard/vcard.php on line 104
    Can you help me fix this, i’m afraid i’m a newbie…

    Cheers, Mo

  11. admin Says:

    looking into this

  12. fve Says:

    Is that working on WP 2.6.1 ?

    I can activate it, fill the vCard info, save, but then, nothing is displayed.

    The link open an empty file while the vcard.xml file is correctly filled.

    Anything I miss ?

    BTW, is it possible to handle more than one vCard ?

    Thanks in advance


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